Feel like being a lonely man
Yet I feel like being soulful
I can feels the evening time a coming
And this feels like a first love
This could be a lonely road
It feels like my heart is aching
So lets live a life lets live it now
We can’t make do with any faking

You might not know what this is all about
We’re could be running out of time
Life is too short lets make our move
If we hurry we’ll first down the line

I can hear a rat a tat on my door
A sound I don’t like at all
It feels like gun is being held to my head
It feels like it’ll be too close to call
Sometimes I wonder where all this is taking me
Maybe I’m due for a fall
The story of my life is there to see
But I don’t want to know what you saw


Holding on to this white knuckle ride
We all need a helping hand
Can feel my blood running cold
Its like walking through quicksand
Didn’t believe it when they said
Life would be a ball
Lets just keep on running along
We won’t look back at all