Got to say ‘cause its plain to see
Somethings got a hold on me
And its something that could tear my world down
This could take me to a place
Some where where I can’t escape
This could turn into a mighty showdown

Then I won’t hesitate
To state that its too late
‘Cause you’ve got a hold on me
Then I’ll have to contemplate
This is going to seal my fate
‘Cause you’ve got a hold on me

Everything I’ve tried to do
To try and keep away from you
This could be turning into a nightmare
Just can’t help myself
Summoning all the power I have
And It’s rapidly getting me nowhere

Refrain repeat

Instrumental verse

These feelings deep inside
They took me by surprise
They’re conspiring to take me over
There’s nothing more I can say
To convince myself that there’ll be a way
To stop me thinking about you

Cause you’ve got a hold on me