Got to get away from this upside down world
Keep it simple and just to cleanse our souls
Hold on tight in case we make a fall
We’re running on empty, we need to make that call

Can’t take it easy got to keep on the ball
Keep on moving it won’t be a crawl
Won’t think twice if we have to make a stand
We’ll keep on fighting to the last woman and a man

We’ll be feeling good inside
Taking that magic carpet ride
From the darkness to the light
Keeping good luck on our side

Our lips will be sealed we won’t give it all away
If the night takes it toll there’ll be the light of day
Our journey may be long if its just small steps
The sun will show the way but our secret will be kept

Flying high let our spirits roam
We’ll breathe that sweet air once again
We’ll make our path a simple one
So we’ll still be still singing this song